The International Test and Evaluation Association (ITEA) Journal is featuring a special edition issue for DATAWorks 2023, and is inviting speakers to submit a paper to the special edition issue. This issue will be peer-reviewed, and accepted articles will be given an associated DOI number.

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To participate in this special issue, authors must:

  • Agree to follow the ITEA Style Guide (below).
  • Agree to adhere to timeline, and communicate with editorial team if not able to meet deadlines.
  • Agree to peer-review 1-2 other papers.
  • Present at DATAWorks 2023

Instructions & Deadlines

If you are interested in submitting a manuscript to the ITEA Journal’s DATAWorks Special Issue, more information about general submission guidelines can be found at https://itea.org/submissions. When submitting to this special issue, please send the manuscript to all three of the following email addresses: journal@itea.org, vcarrillo314@gmail.com, Joseph.Warfield@jhuapl.edu.

  • May 15 – Manuscript due.
  • June 15 – Manuscript decision / reviewer comments returned.
  • July 15 – Accepted Manuscript edits due.
  • September 2023 – ITEA Special Issue published!

Editorial Team

  • Major Victoria Sieck
    Deputy Director
    OSD Scientific Test & Analysis Techniques Center of Excellence (STAT COE)
    Air Force Institute of Technology
    Contact for questions related to Journal Publication
  • Joseph D. Warfield, Ph.D.
    Group Supervisor/Principal Statistician
    System Performance Analysis Group / Force Projection Sector
    Johns Hopkins Univ. Applied Physics Laboratory
    Contact for questions related to Journal Publication