Roshan Patel

US Army CCDC Armaments Center

Roshan Patel is a systems engineer and data scientist working at CCDC Armament Center. His role focuses on systems engineering infrastructure, statistical modeling, and the analysis of weapon systems.  He holds a Masters of Computer Science from Rutgers University, where he specialized in operating systems programming and machine learning. At Rutgers, Mr. Patel was a part-time lecturer for systems programming and data science seminars. Mr. Patel is the current AI lead for the Systems Engineering Directorate at CCDC Armaments Center.

Introduction to Neural Networks for Deep Learning with Tensorflow

This short-course discusses the practical application of neural networks from a lay person's perspective. We will dive into hands-on case studies in which we will build, train, and analyze neural network models. The course will start with foundational machine learning concepts, move onto the basics of neural networks, and then explore more complex neural network variants and architectures for deep learning applications.  Deep learning techniques are becoming more prevalent throughout the development of autonomous and AI-enabled systems, and this course will provide students with the foundational intuition needed to understand these systems.

Topics that will be covered include: introduction to machine learning using Python, neural networks, convolutional neural networks, tensorflow

*Pre-requisites:  This course is designed for a mixed audience with varying levels of analytics experience.  The format is offers attendees both the opportunity to actively participate in hands-on Python coding exercises, but also affords non-programmers a thorough introduction to the topic area.  Knowledge of graphical and statistical methods for dealing with multidimensional datasets is helpful but not necessary.