Melissa Marshall


Present Your Science

Melissa Marshall is the leading expert on presenting complex ideas.

Melissa Marshall is on a mission: to transform how scientists, engineers, and technical professionals present their work. That’s because she believes that even the best science is destined to remain undiscovered unless it’s presented in a clear and compelling way that sparks innovation and drives adoption.

For a decade, she’s traveled around the world to work with Fortune 100 corporations, institutions and universities, teaching the proven strategies she’s mastered through her consulting work and during her decade as a faculty member at Penn State University.

In 2019 through 2022, Microsoft has named her a Most Valuable Professional (MVP) for her work in transforming the way the scientific community uses PowerPoint to convey their research. Melissa has also authored a new online course on LinkedIn Learning.

Melissa’s workshops are lively, practical and transformational. For a sneak peek, check out her TED Talk, “Talk Nerdy to Me.” It’s been watched by over 2.5 million people (and counting).

Present Your Science

Sharing Analysis Tools, Methods, and Collaboration Strategies

This comprehensive 1-day course equips scientists, engineers, researchers, and technical professionals to present their science in an understandable, memorable, and persuasive way.  Through a dynamic combination of lecture, discussion, exercises, and video analysis, each participant will walk away with the skills, knowledge, and practice necessary to transform the way their work is presented. Five course objectives are covered:

  1. Transform the scientific presentations skills of participants. Enable participants to utilize effective strategies for content, structure, slide design and delivery of scientific presentations.
  2. Teach participants to analyze and adapt to their audience.
  3. Help participants understand which scientific details to emphasize in their presentation and which details to filter out.
  4. Equip participants to understand and enact the assertion evidence slide design in their own talks to make their scientific presentation slides more understandable, memorable, and engaging.
  5. Assist participants in developing an engaging and confident delivery style.

*** Attendees should bring a laptop with them to the session. ***