Speaker Schedule Materials

Dr. David Chu


Institute for Defense Analyses

Tuesday, April 9th
12:00, All Rooms

Materials Not Available

Dr. T. Charles Clancy

Bradley Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering

Virginia Tech

Thursday, April 11th
12:00, All Rooms

Mr. Timothy Dare

Deputy Director, Developmental Test, Evaluation, and Prototyping


Wednesday, April 10th
09:45, All Rooms

Dr. Laura Freeman

Associate Director, ISL

Hume Center for National Security and Technology, Virginia Tech

Wednesday, April 10th
09:15, All Rooms

Dr. Jared Freeman

Chief Scientist of Aptima and Chair of the Human Systems Division

National Defense Industry Association

Wednesday, April 10th
12:00, All Rooms

Mr. Michael Little

Program Manager, Advanced Information Systems Technology

Earth Science Technology Office, NASA Headquarters

Thursday, April 11th
09:15, All Rooms

Dr. Wendy Martinez

Director, Mathematical Statistics Research Center, Bureau of Labor Statistics

ASA President-Elect (2020)

Thursday, April 11th
08:30, All Rooms

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Dr. Peter Parker

Team Lead, Advanced Measurement Systems


Wednesday, April 10th
09:00, All Rooms