Post Workshop Survey

Post-Workshop Survey

Overall Workshop Impressions

Thank you for agreeing to provide feedback. First, we'd like to learn about your overall impressions of the workshop.

1. To what degree do you disagree or agree with the following statements about the outcomes of the workshop?

Next, we would like to know your thoughts about how to plan future workshops.

7. If you are interested in learning about volunteering as a co-organizer of future events, please provide your contact information:

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Thank you for your feedback about the workshop and future events. Finally, please take a moment to tell us a bit about yourself. We will only use this information to understand whether workshop preferences and needs vary by community and no attempt will be made to identify or match responses with any individual.

Thank you so much for your time and input! Your feedback is essential in helping us plan for future events. We hope to see you at the next meeting!