Thursday Schedule

Thursday, April 11th



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Thursday Morning Opening Keynote - Dr. Wendy Martinez


Thursday Morning Keynote - Mr. Mike Little


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  • Session Chair
    Jonathon Rathsam
  • Kelli McCoy
    A Quantitative Assessment of the Science Robustness of the Europa Clipper Mission
  • Amy Braverman
    Design and Analysis of Experiments for Europa Clipper’s Science Sensitivity Model
  • Thomas Youmans
    Identifying and Contextualizing Maximum Instrument Fault Rates and Minimum Instrument Recovery Times for Europa Clipper Science through Applied Statistics and Strategic Visualizations
  • Session Chair
    Adi Zolotov
  • Tien Pham
    AI & ML in Complex Environment
  • Ryan Goldhahn
    Decentralized Signal Processing and Distributed Control for Collaborative Autonomous Sensor Networks
  • Tim Kao
    Time Machine Learning: Getting Navy Maintenance Duration Right
  • Rick Kuhn, Dimitris Simos, & Raghu Kacker
    Combinatorial Methods for Testing and Analysis of Critical Software and Security Systems
  • Session Chair
    Sarah Burke
  • David Harrison
    Applying Functional Data Analysis throughout Aerospace Testing
  • Caleb King
    The Isle of Misfit Designs: A Guided Tour of Optimal Designs That Break the Mold
  • Darryl Ahner
    Sequential Testing for Fast Jet Life Support Systems


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Thursday Lunchtime Keynote Speaker - Dr. T. Charles Clancy


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  • Dave Higdon
    Uncertainty Quantification: Combining Large Scale Computational Models with Physical Data for Inference
  • Ana Kupresanin
    Validation and Uncertainty Quantification of Complex Models
  • Devin Francom
    Toward Real-Time Decision Making in Experimental Settings
  • Poornima Madhavan
    Sources of Error and Bias in Experiments with Human Subjects
  • Kathryn Ballard
    Human in the Loop Experiment Series Evaluating Synthetic Vision Displays for Enhanced Airplane State Awareness
  • Jasme Lee
    Sample Size Calculations for Quiet Sonic Boom Community Surveys
  • Barry M. Horowitz
    Cyber Attack Resilient Weapon Systems
  • Session Chair
    Eric Walker
  • Emily Timko
    Statistical Process Control and Capability Study on the Water Content Measurements in NASA Glenn’s Icing Research Tunnel
  • Laura White
    Area Validation for Applications with Mixed Uncertainty
  • Robert Baurle
    A 2nd-Order Uncertainty Quantification Framework Applied to a Turbulence Model Validation Effort


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  • Panel Discussion
    Adapting Operational Test to Rapid-Acquisition Programs
  • Session Chair
    Reed Young
  • Benjamin Bell
    Deep Reinforcement Learning
  • Jane Pinelis
  • Dan Porter
    Demystifying the Black Box: A Test Strategy for Autonomy
  • Andrew Flack, Kevin Kirshenbaum, and John Haman
    Reproducible Research Mini-Tutorial
  • Session Chair
    Doug Ray
  • Peter Chien
    A Statistical Approach for Uncertainty Quantification with Missing Data
  • Christopher Drake
    Screening Designs for Resource Constrained Deterministic M&S Experiments: A Munitions Case Study
  • Shannon Shelburne
    Comparison of Methods for Testing Uniformity to Support the Validation of Simulation Models used for Live-Fire Testing